Medicine in the United States 

I have to say the drug manufacturers and the government are making some dangerous health decisions for the American people. 

The CDC makes these ‘guidelines’ in regards to opioids and how the doctors write for them. Patients who are in chronic pain can’t get the medication that helps their pain. Doctors are not writing for those meds because they are afraid of the CDC, FDA will do in terms of  their medical practices. I should have never heard a doctor say he finally got all his patients off pain medication. The idiot not realizing how loud he was talking got an earful from me telling him that if he is actively not treating patients that are in pain, he needs to stop practicing medicine. Of course when I asked about the ‘first do no harm’, he walked off. Now patients are turning to the streets to get drugs and if they have been off of them for awhile, they can overdose and die. Then their deaths at times ruled as suicide. Yes, depression can be an additional diagnosis to a pain diagnosis but that does not mean they want to actually stop living.  

I will admit that I have thought about it. Hell, you want me to be truly honest, I have thought about since I was a child. By child, I do mean under the age of 10. As I am writing this, I am on hour 703 (=29 days) of a migraine that I have had since Tuesday, July 26, 2016. I have had visual and hearing hallucinations. You want to know what my neurologist said. I can take Tylenol 1-2 tablets no more than twice a week. 

Now this is even better. The company that makes Epipen (a shot when someone is having a life threatening allergic reaction) has increased the medication by 400%. Now, people can’t afford it. How many are going to die? 

Epipen Article – this is a must read!!!

Pain patients only want to have pain relief. Find cures that cause the pain. 

People want to be able to breathe. I guess now we have to have to pay for air. How many children are going to die? 

The “suicide” rate has already increased. I wonder what the cause of death will be for those that don’t have access to Epipen. 

To the ER or not… 

Here’s to hoping this coming storm will break not only this long ass migraine (according to my app, 557 hours and counting) AND hoping that the storm will relieve my joints that are screaming. If not, looks like I will be making an ER visit that I have no clue how I will pay for. 

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A new migraine symptom for me

This migraine is going to drive me crazy. Going on hour 420 (17.5 days), I think I am hallucinating sounds. I have had smell hallucinations before but this is new and scary. I have read about them but I can’t trust what I am hearing. I am afraid to sleep; if this doesn’t break soon, I just might go crazy.