Life of a Chronic Migraine Patient or that of anyone with behind the scenes 

I think that unless you live this life, you can’t imagine it. I have had friends & family who have one or two migraines and then say I can’t believe you do this daily. Of course, they are the first ones to walk out of my life. Long time friends leave saying the same as doctors, ‘I am tired of the excuses’. You have so many people who care that you do get up everyday. I don’t know that I could keep going. You are such a wonderful friend and cheerleader for SOOOO many people. 

Theory finds that individuals with Asperger’s Syndrome don’t lack empathy – in fact if anything they empathize too much

“A ground-breaking theory suggests people with autism-spectrum disorders such as Asperger’s do not lack empathy – rather, they feel others’ emotions too intensely to cope.” “People with…

Source: Theory finds that individuals with Asperger’s Syndrome don’t lack empathy – in fact if anything they empathize too much

Excuses or Explanations?????

( I need this tattoo so bad right now)

I am tired of having to explain myself to people. If I say I can’t get behind the wheel of a car, I can’t. Legally, If get behind the wheel and cause a wreck, injure or kill someone, I can be held criminally responsible for it. Ignorance of the law is not an excuse. Me getting behind the wheel is the same as a DUI or DWI. This is not an excuse, it is the reason or explanation of why. Talking down to me like a 6 month old child in insulting and degrading. I am sorry that I have health conditions that complicate your life. It is all roses on me. Feeling like I need a walker at my age already makes me feel bad psychologically. So now that you have chastised me, I am shutting down. I am not and don’t want to talk to anyone because all I hear is excuse, excuse, excuse. Hell, my almost 5 year old nephew had more empathy at a year and a half than the majority of people I deal with. He still does. I can’t feel anything because I will cry and that will shoot my migraine pain back up to the point of me wanting to rip my eyes and ears out of my head. 

Oh and it is one thing to put my own life in danger but I won’t knowingly do that to another person. 

All too much

I usually leave my family out of all this crap but I can’t anymore. 

Day 1

I am reaching my breaking point fast. My brother was in town and came by the house and didn’t speak to me. My mothers solution is for me to get more involved. WTF does she think I have been doing got the last 5 years? My dentist is wanting to discharge me from the dental school program because I had to cancel today’s appointment. I was at a 10+ level pain and lost consciousness several times a day. December 1st I get my rheumatologist appointment that I have been waiting almost a year for. I am ready to not wake up in the morning. Let me have a stroke or an aneurysm and be done with the pressure and pain in my head. I think it is a good thing I will never find love or have children because the pain in my heart and soul is too much now.

Day 2

The pain is still there. The pain is so bad I pass out and then eventually just sleep. I have worn my prescription sunglasses in the last week more than my regular ones. That song ‘I wear my sunglasses at night’ keeps playing in my head. I have cried more in the last 48 hours than I have in the last year. This migraine I have had since October 22nd. I know not to cry when you are in the middle of a migraine (because it just makes it worse) but I emotionally can’t handle it. I talked to my sister and my dad last night but haven’t heard from either one of them today. Just a nice call saying I hope you are ok would have been nice. Wishful thinking. 

How to help law enforcement with sex trafficking 

There is an app now to help authorities to identify areas of where sex trafficking is occurring. It is simple to use and help the authorities to narrow down searches. 
1.) Download the app -TraffickCam
2.) Anytime you stay in a hotel take at least 4 pictures of your room; maybe even the bathroom.
3.) The app is designed to send the pictures to the proper authorities. By doing this, investigators can match up decorated rooms where this crime is being committed. 
4.) it is important to stop these people from harming another child